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At Pacific Rim Athletics, we build STRENGTH, SKILLS, and SUCCESS. We begin building a physical foundation across 5 Systems: calisthenics, tumbling/parkour, powermoves, cirque, and jiu jitsu. This advances to many joining our men’s gymnastics team, or girls’ dance and cirque teams. Within that development is mental training, where we conquer fears, anxieties, and negative thought patterns. Finally, we advance to building apprentices and then entrepreneurs who take our systems of training and my experience as a business builder and build their own skills and talents into something profitable for them, their families, their communities, and the future. That is the entire scope of Pacific Rim Athletics. It is my mission as an artist, educator, athlete, and entrepreneur to build up others, my family, myself, and future generations with systematic training that produces positive results. It isn’t luck or aimless ambition. It’s constant progress forward and all experiences both good and bad, mental and physical, as tools to become better, produce better, and help others become better.

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Coach Lee

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