Public Speaking class. Please see details below for instructions. You

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Public Speaking class. Please see details below for instructions. Youve done these for me several times so far so I think you know what shes looking for. 
Given that this is course is taught exclusively on line, you need to read and understand material that is presented.  
Please read Chapters 9 & 10 as indicated on the syllabus and then submit the five most important items found in each chapter.  Large essays are not necessary; responses should contain enough content for the instructor to know comprehension of material is achieved.  
 Essays are not expected.  Robust bullet points are acceptable.  Please be thoughtful as you craft your bullet points in your own words

Researching Your Speech

What Is Research?

Libraries and Librarians are Our Friends

Librarians have many tricks and shortcuts up their sleeves to make hunting for information easier and faster.

Interacting with librarians and using libraries effectively is the first step to good research.

17 Strategies to Work

With Librarians

A research librarian is extremely knowledgeable about information sources.

You can learn from a librarian and increase your own research skills.

When on reference desk duty, the librarian is available to help; present yourself in person.

A librarian can teach you, but can’t make excuses for late work.

If a librarian is already helping someone else, wait your turn.

Strategies cont.

When a librarian helps you find sources, have the courtesy to look at them.