Public Speaking Course Singapore 3 : Learn From Steve Jobs part 3 on Public Speaking

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Useful Online Public Speaking Course Singapore Tip 3 : Learn from Steve Jobs’ public speaking skills :

This is part 3 of a new series of Public Speaking Course (Singapore and Malaysia) tips to empower business executives, CEOs, directors, marketing professionals and professionals to learn how to speak effectively and impactfully.

Learn public speaking skills from Steve Jobs. Tip 3 : Build in an UNEXPECTED RIDDLE into your presentation. Watch this video again here :

A riddle makes your presentation exciting and keeps your audience interested. But an UNEXPECTED riddle in your presentation or public speaking , in the case of Steve Jobs’ speech in this video, sent the audience into fits of laughter, and excited. Watch the video again as you see how Steve Jobs masterfully led this audience through the riddle and conclude for themselves how superior this product is. The riddle not only arouses interest but is powerful to convey planned messages by the presentation strategist Steve Jobs.

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[Note : this is not a public speaking course for children, nor a toastmaster course singapore nor toastmasters singapore course]

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“It is one of the best public speaking course (and I really mean the best) I attended in recent years. Before the course, I searched around looking for a good public speaking coach and wanted to improve my public speaking skills.” – Fiona Ng.

Watch this Public Speaking Course Singapore video (part 1) here :

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