Public Speaking Course Singapore – How To Speak Confidently and Effectively

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Do you know what is mankind’s number 1 greatest fear? It is not the fear of heights, not fear of death but the fear of public speaking.
Yet public speaking skills have become one of the most essential career and business skills in our society today. Many people recognise the need to attend public speaking courses in singapore and malaysia, get the best public speaking coach, or attend toastmaster course singapore, but yet are not taking enough action. Reason : They don’t know the impact of it on their careers.


When you improve your public speaking skills, you also improve your chances of getting the next deal, maximising visibility and career chances. Read this article to give you more confidence in delivery business presentations and improve your public speaking skills :

Contact 36 HR Training & Consultancy Director Tan Teck Kim to gain new confidence in your business presentations and improve your public speaking. In our Public Speaking Course Singapore (2 days), you will learn how to :

– tailor your messages for your audience
– overcome your nerves and turn them into your adrenaline to speak confidently
– connect with your audience
– speak like a professional Toastmaster trained speaker
– how to speak so that your audience will take action
– how to speak so that your audience will remember you

If you have no time to attend any course this year, invest in improving your presentation skills and public speaking training. Join us at our bi monthly Singapore Public Speaking Courses.

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