Public Speaking Course – Week 1 – Introductory Speech – Leonid Levin

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

This is my first attempt at recording a speech. It is part of a course on public speaking I am currently following at Coursera. I get somewhat lost towards the end of the speech, actually I got distracted by some thoughts that came to my mind 🙂 Not a very good idea during a public speech. I seem to be rolling my eyes a lot when trying to think what to say. But overall I am not hugely dissatisfied with this experience!

These were the criteria set out for this speech assignment:

1. In a 0:45-4:00 minute speech, tell us:
– Who you are and where you live.
– Why you signed up for the course and what types of presentations you want to work on.
– Who do you think is an effective speaker? Please give one solid reason for why you think this person is so effective.

2. Do it in one go, do not re-record the speech over and over
3. Move as if you are talking to a real audience
4. Speak loudly