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Public speaking courses will teach you to learn from both your own and the mistakes of others. Recall the last time you spoke in public. What were you thinking and how did you feel on that occasion?

Did you experience any discomfort or any embarrassing moments? Why do you think this happens anytime you speak in public? Have you ever thought of solutions that could help you overcome some of these fears of public speaking?

There are solutions to such problems. You are one of many people who want to improve their techniques in relation to speaking in public. What are some of the public speaking tips you need to know in order to become a successful public speaker?

In public speaking courses it is recognised that fear is one of the reasons why potential speakers fail in their first attempts. Because of fear many speakers get lost for words and lose their clarity of thought process, thus audiences lose touch with what they are trying to say, I’m sure you’ve felt this, I certainly did in my early days of public speaking.

One of the best and simplest public speaking tips I was ever taught in respect of overcoming fear, was “you must focus”. Focus on what I hear you ask? You should focus completely on the point you are trying to make, nothing else.

When you focus properly it means you avoid having your attention drawn to issues that would make you more anxious or nervous, for example thoughts that the audience might not like your speech, or feeling every bead of sweat dropping from your chin, these things may well happen, however focusing on them will push you into a viscous circle of anxiety and fear.

This will result in an inability to think coherently, at which point you’ve lost it!

Another useful tip to improve your public speaking is to keep the audience attention, keep them awake and interested! How can you do this? Ask them questions, or challenge them. Give them situations to respond to that will stimulate their mind. However don’t go overboard with this technique or you may make them feel intimidated.

You should also have eye contact across the group, specifically though, choose a friendly looking face and use this as positive feedback for yourself, this works a treat. It works wonders in building your self-confidence during speaking when you see two or three people listening attentively, looking cheery and making eye contact with you.

When speaking you should try to be a least a little creative, even in formal situations you don’t always have to be rigidly formal and over elegant in appearance, you can drop in a few points of humour during the speech, or tell stories that could further capture the heart of your listeners, by this I mean try to appeal to emotions as well as imparting facts. However do ensure, you return to the main point of your speech, having used the humour to lighten the way and to emphasise your main points.

Public speaking courses will, or at least should cover many more points in relation to negating fear from affecting your performance.

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Bobby is a psychologist and author. He has been commissioned to speak at many public events.

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