Public Speaking Practices: Smiling, Energy & talking slower – VLOG WC#22

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Weekly Challenge#22
Public Speaking Practices
Alexander Nilsson 2016

Hey Guys! It’s Wednesday, and I’ll share some of my experience from doing this week’s challenge; body language exercises while recording myself, talking about some random stuff for 5 minutes. However, each day has had its own body language focus to emphasis:
Monday – smiling
Tuesday – Raising the energy level and working with vocal variety
Wednesday – Talking slower.
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This week’s challenge: Public Speaking Practices wc#22
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And the objectives are:
Each day in the week record a video on yourself when you do a 5-minute talk, it could be of whatever, if you want it to be more easy, you take an area of yours you feel passionate about. Then watch it and observe yourself; give yourself credit for what you do good, and take note of some key things you will try to improve next time. Also, we are going to align this with the body language challenge we did a couple of weeks ago, were each day in the week got a particular focus:

· Monday – Smiling
· Tuesday – Energy level (vocal variety)
· Wednesday – Talking slower
· Thursday – Hand movements
· Friday -Eye contact

Bonus Challenge: If you have time, before doing your recording, watch a popular ted talk or famous speech on YouTube and observe the person speaking, and in particular take notice of the daily theme, for instance, hand movements, or vocal variety. Try to get inspired and borrow some things you like and try them out, that’s the beauty of doing this on your own, you can play around as much as you want!
If you’re up for the challenge, commit to me in the comments!

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