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Public Speaking – An Essential Skill

In the internet and technology driven age there is one unchangeable attribute that underpins all the other skills required for ultimate business success.

This unavoidable fact will always remain true…

To master public speaking is an essential component in the mastery of business. Because if you can’t lead your audience, followers and potential customers while speaking to them in public… your business will never reach its potential.

Whether you are the MD of a large corporate company or brand,obligated to make a keynote speech, or a team leader or manager wanting to maximize influence in a team meeting, or you need to get the maximum conversion from online video and YouTube… you simply can’t ignore the fact that you’ll need both talent and the skills of public speaking to inspire, influence, lead and of course n can have an exceptional impact on your income. You need to become a leader and massterful public speaker.

There is no upcoming task or activity that causes more fear, panic and dread than public speaking. The research shows that the fear of public speaking is the highest fear of them all. In fact, in one famous study, it ranks even higher than the fear of death!

Toastmasters are a well known organisation for public speakers, but are not a definitive public speaking training company. Others offer a world championship of public speaking – but really its all about how effective you are as a public speaker.

When considering the purpose of your talk its this that starts to dictate what you will say (and how it will be said)

How much are you looking to either, a) teach, b) inspire c) sell d) lead?

Whether you are looking for speaking tips, overcoming speaking anxiety, just looking ot be abtter speaker in public or increase your speaking skills, need public speaking tips or even seeking a public speaking job, this free training on becoming a more effective public speaker is the place for the best education in the world
Entrepreneurs and business leaders are expected in todays world of instant communication, not only to speak on behalf of their organization, but to lead from the perspective of what they do and say, with the eyes of the world able to measure their promises and actions.

In the world of professional selling (indeed if you sell anything and if you are in business in any capacity you do!) the ability to influence and persuade a live audience is a road to earning potential, even great wealth.

If you feel comfortable speaking to more than an individual you are halving the time it takes to make a sale by talking to two. How much more if its a hundred a thousand or ten thousand? And now with online video and internet audiences you don’t even have to do this live. Bigger live audiences offer social proof which means many more people will take action and buy because they feel safe doing so when other people are.

The same principle applies to websites. With video its much easier to convince people to know, like and trust you portray yourself as a credible expert and authority. This is many times more powerful that a website that tries to influence and persuade just via text and images.

In the online world videos can also both educate and entertain which again offers the opportunity to build a relationship with a potential customer before you start selling. Again this builds credibility and trust in your target audience as everyone else tries to sell too early and alienate a lot of prospects and people that may have bought if you had taken the time to inform them first rather than sell immediately.

Additionally be capturing prospects email addresses first and sending them highly valuable content first you have achieved the same aim of building a relationship before selling. This is also a highly cost effective method of marketing.

Most of the skills of presenting and public speaking are transferrable to video and speaking to camera. This is especially true of being able to make your videos stand out in amongst thousands of boring ad dry videos. If you have the skills to engage and inspire you are way ahead of the game.

This may seem counter intuitive but a speaker that is honest and displays vulnerability in overcoming struggle and adversity holds more sway with their audience. A lot of speakers feel they have to put on a persona to seem better than they are… but this can make speakers come over as false and incongruent…. and therefore alienating the audience rather than impressing them.

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