Q & A: This World Was Over Long Ago

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Questions & Answers are excerpts taken from Kenneth Wapnick’s workshops, and typically express personal concerns, resistances, and practical questions about the application of “A Course in Miracles” in the daily lives of its students.

Based on questions from a student, Kenneth discusses one of the Courses’ difficult metaphysical realities for students to understand, namely that the world and everything in it, including ourselves, was over the instant that the tiny, mad (and impossible) idea of separation from God seemed to occur—a metaphorical way of saying that nothing ever happened, or could happen, to shatter the perfect Oneness of God.

(Excerpted from “The Problem of Evil,” available at https://bookstore.facim.org/p-128-the-problem-of-evil.aspx )