Radio Jockey training hindi – session 1

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Radio Jockey training session -1 is the tutorial to learn Radio Jockey. It’s a radio Jockey tutorials first session wherein you will get basic information about Radio Jockey course and what all topic I will going to cover in this course. So stay tune and watch all the videos of this series which will surly help you to develop RJ skills.

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More info about Radio Jockey training.

All these sessions will help you to learn professional Radio Jockey skills, in- depth voice modulation, script writing for Radio shows & many more.

Radio jockey is the one of the finest option for your career. If you like to talk, if you like to listening music, so this is the best option for you.

These online radio jockey training course will help you to grow professional RJ skills and help you to start Radio jockey career. I will cover all the important topics such as Script writing, voice modulation, voice training, vocal code training and pause which will help you to become super cool speaker.

These training also hep you to crack radio auditions very easily. All you have to do is to follow my training course and implement it and practice it. I have trained many students and they are doing well in their voice career.

Upcoming sessions.

1) What is Radio
2) Script Writing for radio shows
3) Types of shows in the Radio
4) Voice modulation
5) Importance of pause while speaking
6) gestures

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