Ray Dalio on Hedge funds, Success and Life/Work

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Billionaire Ray Dalio interviewed in 2012. Ray discusses His
5 steps to success, His respect for improvisation by having a jazz musician father, Cause and effect relationships , Looking to the past , Management philosophy’s, Meditation, Creativity and much more.
Ray Dalio is founder of the world’s largest hedge fund Bridgewater Associates

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Video Segments:
0:13 The essential elements of success
19:51 The son of a jazz musician
21:35 Working as a golf caddy
23:20 School/ The Economic Machine
45:47 What is a hedge fund?
47:08 How did you come to start a hedge fund in your apartment when you were only 26?
49:55 Why did you call it Bridgewater?
51:04 What makes your work exciting?
52:00 Why was Bridgewater able to withstand the downturn of 2008?
56:16 The real reward
57:27 Radical transparency
1:02:52 Transcendental meditation
1:07:02 Creativity
1:12:53 Is doing business exciting for you?
1:15:39 The American dream

Interview Date: October 27 , 2012
Event: Academy of Achievement
The Academy of Achievement interview supporting document :http://bit.ly/2ans1PN
Original Image Source:http://read.bi/2axzv3o

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