Rosie Tries To Bash Trump, Not Laughing When Viewers See What She Accidentally Let Slip

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Rosie Tries To Bash Trump, Not Laughing When Viewers See What She Accidentally Let Slip
Rosie O’Donnell has proven herself to be a hater of President Donald Trump with her relentless and unintelligent attacks over the last year. Unfortunately for her, things most recently blew up in her face as she tried to bash the President just one more time — and let’s just say she wasn’t laughing when viewers saw what she accidentally let slipThe relationship between Rosie and Trump has been tenuous for quite some time. Although the two used to exchange insults on a regular basis, things have changed in recent days. Trump seems to have written her off as a waste of time – which she is.

However, that hasn’t stopped crazy Rosie from trying to stay relevant, and what better way than to appease the mindless drones of the left? Proving just that, she’s once again taken to Twitter to bash Trump – but things went horribly wrong for her this time.

As it turns out, Rosie decided that the best course of action was to attack the President about his weight, and well, you can probably guess what happened next. It started with a tweet from “Rogue WH Snr Advisor,” which is an obvious satire account that says in the description, “Trump had a Carl’s, Jr installed in the WH basement,” and lists its website as Everything about it screams fake — because it is.

Obviously not a legitimate source for anyone with an ounce of common sense, the account recently tweeted that Trump now weighs 345 lbs after gaining almost 100 pounds since the election. Anyone with eyes realizes that this is false, not to mention the account is not a verified or reliable source, but rather known for slinging unfounded accusations.