Russian politician Zhirinovsky making suggestions for development (English subs)

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In this speech, Zhirinovsky making suggesting for Russia’s development, which he was making all the time. If you are familiar with them, then you won’t hear much new things.
Of course, in the beginning he releives the situation, and in the end also, by making everyone laugh again with his comments. Of course he was speaking largely for the public, because many important people were there. Including Putin and Medvedev.
Judging by the content, I think this speech took place somewhere after Putin’s inaguration in 2012 (I’m too lazy to check, so if you want, go ahead and check it).

Speech in Duma on: 08/05/2012

USE – Unified State Exam
H&U – Housing and Utilities
PCO – Public Communication Office

1. I can’t make out exactly what they are saying, but from what I understood, Putin asked him if microphone is turned off automatically, the guys said yes. Then Putin asked not to turn off the mic or said that it is rude to cut a person in the middle of speech, and the guy agreed with him.
2. OK, that’s a lie. Maybe he meant Soviet governing system, I don’t know…
3. I couldn’t distinguish everything he were saying there. So I wrote only what I’ve heard.

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