School Advice Chat #AskNades

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

HEY #BIBESQUAD! Thank you for sending in your questions! I hope that I was able to give you good advice in this video. I had so much fun answering them!

This is a loooong one, so here are the topics I cover:

1:00 Advice for graduating seniors
1:24 Life-changing college life experience
1:54 Handling stress when speaking in front of the class
2:33 Tips on lessening stress
3:00 Choosing a course for college
3:47 Being unmotivated
4:40 What I’ll be missing the most from school
5:12 Getting lost in school
5:57 Failing grades & Coping with feeling like a failure
6:48 ACET
7:11 Least favorite subject in school
8:13 My role in a group project
8:49 Sentiments on my graduating HS
9:11 AIESEC & School organizations
10:58 MBA?

11:23 Ateneo advice (more of a warning, tbh hehe jk)
13:06 Advice for those who feel like their best isn’t enough
13:29 Rising from moments of failure
14:19 Writing the ACET paper
14:49 Being delayed in college
16:09 HS friends or college friends?
16:21 Public speaking tips
17:05 Spending free time alone
17:53 Job I’m interested in

PS: I answered some questions sent to my Tumblr on Tumblr. 🙂

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this video was filmed and edited by Nadine Co, using a Canon G7x + Final Cut Pro.