Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

My name is Duong
today is our graduation day
of “ The Public Speaking
for Leaders” course
at Leaders Talks Education.

I’m so grateful
to be awarded the scholarship
for studying this course

Right now,
I want to share my story

It was the second semester
in my 12th grade
when I was preparing
for Violympic- Online Math examination
for the city level.

I wasn’t good at
Math and computer,
so I am very scared.

Because of support and encouragement
of my parents and teachers
I tried my best
to review foundation knowledge of math

A testing day coming
I got a message
that my father
was in hospital because of accident

I was very worried,
I immediately ran to the hospital.

I cried when seeing
my father lying on the bed.

The exam was coming
but I didn’t want to leave
my father alone in the hospital.

Oe thought immediately appear in my mind
I was representing for my school
in this contest,
so if I quited
It was not a nice thing to do

While I was in complex thinking
my father took my hand and
told me that
“ You should come back school
And take the exam now,
I’m fine.
Fighting my girl!”

I got strong encouragement
from my Dad,
I tried not to cry
and strongly walked out of hospital.

My father’s love and hope
has given me
great faith and determination.

Entering the examination room,
I promised myself
to do my best
to make my father proud of his daughter.

I solved each problem
with a high level
of confidence and
no longer noticed
everything around
was taking place.

When the results
showed up on
the computer screen,
it was scored at 300 out of 300.
I cried with a choking feeling.

I finally overcame
my limitations
and brought joy
to my father
in hospital.

From this story,
I got a meaningful lesson
For myself

In life,
Hardships are always around
but we can overcome them all
With love, encouragement and confidence
Nothing is impossible
unless you give up trying

I hope that
all of us
will be successful
with strong determination and grit.
Thank you