The Secret to MASSIVE Results with the Law of Attraction

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This video will show you the secret to getting MASSIVE success with the law of attraction. I’m going to share with you ways to apply this in your daily life so that you’re really able to get and attract what you want. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I hope people expand their consciousness. Now this video we’re going to be speaking about the patterns of massive success how we can adopt those patterns in our everyday life in understanding what it takes to really get to where we want to be. Now the reason I am doing this video is because I think that more important than any overarching action that we can take any part of any like type of emotional feeling that we can have it’s not so about just one type of experience or one major action that’s going to get us to where we want but it could be one major action that we take every single day.

You know I was reading a book recently and it was on Neuroscience and it was talked about how if you look at the pattern of what someone does every day it’s very easy to predict where they will be in a week from now a month from now a year from now or five years from now. That’s because patterns leave clues. That’s because what we repetitively do is who we become. And it’s the result that we get. Now most people are on autopilot almost everybody is even me. There’s times I’ve got to stamp myself out of it and remember that I got to step into the comfort zone. I have to start to do things that get me out of that old identity. Now the key to this whole process and what I’ve learned from my own life not that I am massively successful yet but one day I will be it’s because I’ve learned how to master one day over and over again.

Now in order to do this what I learned and as you guys know I know this story sounds repetitive but back in February I made that decision to create a video every single day. I knew that if I did that that would change everything else about my life I just had this feeling that it’s the one thing I could do every day that over the course of a year would profoundly change my life. So what I did is I started creating a video a day and within a couple of months. And lo and behold changed my life because all of a sudden I see these opportunities it’s like then I have the ability you know I went from my we went my 4000 subscribers to like over 100 in the course of like six months.

And that’s specifically because of the hard work the dedication. And also I’m passionate about it but it was that decision to go daily. And I was working a 40 hour a week job at the time so I was very busy but I knew that that was the change that needed to happen. Now the three things to this interview specifically talking about is first off the vision what is your vision for what you want to create. What is the overarching picture that you want to move toward. For me I imagined myself in a year from now be able to travel have the luxuries of what I want to do be able to make videos in amazing places rather than as always making videos inside a room.

I had that vision and it was very powerful for me because I also had a vision that I wanted to speak in front of many people. Now of course you know we’re doing this on YouTube. But I wanted to do it also in person I wanted to be like a public speaker that got you know the option to speak on stage and that’s something that I’m definitely getting more more opportunities for now. But this is something that a year from February that I wanted to be able to experience so I had that vision and that was something that I can move towards. Now the part of vision is look at that vision every single day every day I would use that visualization every day I would use that as a powerful point for me to focus on it.

And that’s where I believe the power is. Now the second part is simply the intention now have an intention that youre going to move in that direction have an intention that you’re going to have in create that type of energy going in that direction. So this could mean that your choices start to link up with whatever you want. Intention means that you start to actually put it out there and tension is so powerful and tension affects everything now. But it’s not just one intention. It’s not just a major project in our life intention. It’s an …

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This video is about The Secret to MASSIVE Results with the Law of Attraction