Toolkit for Advisors: Webinar 2 -Nurturing Iindependance

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WEBINAR 2: Nurturing Independence

One PF member is shy. Most of the others in the group are talkative and they all seem to know how to say things so easily. This member seldom speaks because he takes a while to get his ideas into words. After the PF member is ignored in a meeting over and over, the PF members’ staff person speaks for the PF member. The person feels badly and wants to learn how to speak up more for himself. At the end of the meeting the member asks the Advisor to arrange a time when they can sit together and figure out how the PF member can be heard.

Respect: The group is not showing respect for every member. The staff is not showing respect for the member who is having trouble being heard.

Independence: The PF member demonstrated independence by asking for training. This is excellent self-advocacy.

Excellence in Advising: the advisor waited to be asked. The advisor scheduled time to discuss the issue with the PF member. Prior to the meeting the Advisor looked up a public speaking class. To assist the PF member, the meeting the Advisor called the teacher of the public speaking course and asked if they could accommodate the PF member and if they teacher thought the PF member would be successful. The cost of the training was identified as well as how it could be paid. During the private meeting between the Advisor and the PF self-advocate, the Advisor offered to help the member figure out ways to get his thoughts together and participate more- and what to say to his staff to keep the staff from speaking for him.

The Advisor followed up with the PF member several times to work on speaking up in the meetings.

In addition the Advisor met with the President, at her request, and prepared the President to work with the whole group on listening more effectively to each member.