Trey Gowdy Gets ATF Special Agent To Blow The Lid On 3 Huge Obama Secrets

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Trey Gowdy Gets ATF Special Agent To Blow The Lid On 3 Huge Obama Secrets
The “Bulldog” Congressman from South Carolina recently delivered a devastating blow to the former Barack Obama administration. In a hearing, Trey Gowdy gets an ATF special agent to admit three specific secrets that Obama was hiding from the American people, and you don’t want to miss this.According to YouTube video footage from Wednesday, June 6, 2017, during a House Intelligence Committee meeting, Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) was questioning former ATF Special Agent John Dodson, as he sat next to the mother of fallen Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, about one of Obama’s most secretive operations known as “Fast and Furious.”

The failed operation, executed by the ATF under Obama’s former Attorney General Eric Holder, purposefully walked guns to drug cartels in Mexico so that they could be somehow “tracked,” according to Breitbart. Like Gowdy, we know that Obama’s true intentions for giving Mexican drug cartels firearms were to increase gun violence in America and drive support for more gun control. Watch as the “Bulldog” destroys Obama’s gun-running operation charade.Gowdy began by expressing his sympathy and condolences to Mrs. Terry and Mr. Heyer, the parents of the fallen Border Patrol Agent, before he ripped into Obama’s failed gun-running operation with former ATF Special Agent John Dodson.

Gowdy gets to the heart of the issue by saying that, in his experience, federal officers have a strict and almost obsessive rule against “walking” drugs, pornography, money, and firearms to criminals. He is specifically talking about the practice of exchanging those highly volatile things with criminals during the course of an undercover investigation such as “Fast and Furious.”

“It has vexed me how anyone could have ever thought this investigative scheme was going to work. I don’t know how a line agent would think it was going to work, and that’s why line agents have supervisors and Assistant U.S. Attorneys and U.S. Attorney to say, ‘Wait, your heart might be in the right place but this might be the dumbest idea I have ever heard,’” Gowdy said. After pausing for a moment, Gowdy goes on to directly question Special Agent Dodson. “How did this investigative scheme get started? Who thought it was ever going to work?”

Dodson replied, “Sir, I can’t tell you where the original idea originated from.” Actually, Dodson could say it, but he’s smarter than to say he has evidence implicating Barack Obama and Eric Holder. “Everyone in my chain of command up to and including the former director was well briefed on the case, well versed on it and knew the strategy coming and going and they all thought it was a great idea,” he added.

“I always thought as soon as we got to the next level, somebodies going to shut it down. As soon as they hear about it, it’s going to get shut down. But that never happened, it kept getting more funding, more approval, more ‘atta-boys,’” Dodson said.Dodson’s testimony on June 6, 2017, is direct proof that the Obama administration intentionally grew the corrupt ATF program even though numerous agents within the organization knew it was wrong. The next step for the House Intelligence Committee, which is now under the chairmanship of Gowdy, should be to refer Eric Holder and Barack Obama to the Department of Justice for prosecution. It’s time for the criminal left to pay for their crimes against the American people.