Trump Tax Bill Guts Obamacare Mandate… Let Freedom Ring

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Trump Tax Bill Guts Obamacare Mandate… Let Freedom Ring

Congressional Republicans promised for years to do away with the burdensome Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, but were unable to do so when it came time to pull the trigger.

Though their repeal and replace efforts came up short, it appears Republicans will at least be able to get rid of perhaps the most onerous part of Obamacare via their tax reform bill — the individual mandate requiring everyone to have health insurance, according to Newsmax.

Without question, the individual mandate was the most loathsome aspect of Obamacare, as it forced healthy American citizens who may not want or need health insurance to carry a policy regardless — and American citizens don’t generally liked being forced into doing anything.

Of course, the naysayers are now worried that if fewer healthy people purchase unnecessary health insurance policies, rates for those who still carry coverage will increase — ignoring the fact that premium rates for everybody were increasing regardless, despite repeated promises to the contrary from the prior administration.

According to NBC News, the Congressional Budget Office stated that the repeal of the individual mandate will likely result in about 4 million fewer Americans having insurance coverage by 2019, and up to 13 million fewer by 2027 — though they neglect to mention that lack of coverage may be by choice.

On the bright side, with fewer people signing up for subsidized health care plans, the CBO estimates that taxpayers will be saved about 8 billion over the next ten years. Even brighter, without the mandate forcing people to enroll in the health insurance markets, the death spiral for Obamacare overall should be hastened.

It is also worth pointing out that the fear of increased premiums due to the repeal of the individual mandate is largely confined to what is known as the “nongroup market,” a relatively small slice of the population that don’t receive health insurance coverage through their employer, the military, Medicare or Medicaid.

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