Types of Doctor – English Speaking Lesson to learn Medical Vocabulary

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Types of Doctor – English Speaking Lesson to learn Medical Vocabulary

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Different types of doctors. (Learn Medical Vocabulary)

Hello English Learners welcome to Let’s Talk, your ultimate resource for Free English lessons to improve your English communication skills. In today’s English lesson you will learn the terminology related to Doctors. There are different types of doctors, the word Doctor is a common noun, but a doctor who specializes in a particular body part has a different term. Learn what are these specialist doctors called, so that you use the correct vocabulary while referring to doctors, as you cannot say – I am seeing a bone doctor or an eye doctor.

When we have health issues we go see a doctor. In this English lesson, we will learn about the different types of doctors who are specialized in different fields.

General Practitioner –

Another term for a general practitioner is a Family Doctor who treats common health issues.

Dermatologist –

A Doctor who treats any skin, hair,nails related issues.

Dentist –

A Doctor who treats teeth and gum related issues. For good oral health, we visit a dentist.

Cardiologist –

A heart Doctor who treats any cardiovascular diseases.

Gynecologist / Obstetrician –

Gynecologists work with female reproductive system whereas the Obstetrician work in a particular area of gynaecology that focuses on childbirth. They perform c-secs, surgical removal of ovarian tumours etc.

Optometrist –

An Eye Doctor, any defects in the vision or any eye related issues we go see an Optometrist.

Orthopedic Surgeon –

A Doctor who treats the skeletal system.

Pediatrician –

The Doctors who work with infants, children and teenagers and treats various health issues.

Urologist –

The Doctor who specializes in issues related to the urinary system and also treats male reproductive organs.

Neurologist –

The Doctor who treats the human brain. A Neurosurgeon is the one who operates on the human brain.