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Best Voice and Speech Class for Actors in Washington DC – Call 202-517-8020.

Voice and Speech Class for Actors Washington DC includes four separate 24-class, 12-week semesters dedicated to the voice and speech development necessary for any serious actor. The training is based on the brilliant vocal training created by the world’s foremost voice teacher Kristin Linklater.

Work in this class follows the Linklater approach to voice, wherein the actor nurtures an ongoing curiosity about their vocal instrument, which is inseparable from the person behind it. The work begins with identifying and releasing physical tension that can inhibit a spontaneous connection to the voice. Through physical release, the breath moves deeper into the body. When this happens, the voice follows, and with it a deeper personal connection.

Always with an eye on maximum effect with minimal effort, students in this class tap into greater breath capacity and power, the fuel needed to access higher frequencies of energy in the voice without relying on unnecessary muscular force that can lead to vocal strain. The entire two to three octave speaking voice range is strengthened and liberated to respond to a range of impulses.

Voice and Speech Class for Actors Washington DC – Call 202-517-8020

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