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Developing And Keeping A Healthy Voice| Mastering Voice Over Series
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We all enjoy the luxury of taking our voices for granted. Our voices carry all of our ideas to other people. Our voices are the engines that do all the work in our daily lives We are a bit shocked when we get laryngitis and can’t speak. It’s a reminder of how important our voice is in our lives, how dependent we are on our ability to speak. I’d like to talk about healthy voice production and voice improvement. I get a lot of questions about how much to exercise, if voice development is good for you or bad for you. I always tell people who are afraid of voice development, that of course it sounds stupid if you do it wrong. But it’s the engine that controls our entire lives, so we’ve got to work out with that just like we do cardio or go to the gym or do yoga. Speaking is a physical activity that can be perfected or abused just like any other sport. In regard to vocal exercise, more is not simply better. I’ve heard of people who yell and scream to build up the strength of their voice and yet are unaware that they are damaging their voices at the same time. You only have one voice in this life and it has to last through the entire trip. Vocal strength and stamina are necessary whether you are a CEO, manager, teacher, lawyer, public speaker or politician. When the voice is properly produced with good breath support, we can speak all day long and still sound as fresh as when we started in the morning. When you are doing exercises you should never do them until your voice is tired and never do them until your voice hurts. You don’t want to try and create all your strength in the same hour on the same day. It is way more important to do vocal exercises five to ten minutes twice a day, than to try and set aside an hour. Shorter sessions more often, are more beneficial than long haul workouts. Get in the habit of always warming up your voice before you give a talk or presentation. You want to standardize the feeling of speaking with an agile, resonant, warmed-up voice. This will make you much more effective in any communication. The natural responsiveness of your voice will sense the rhythm and cadence of a sentence, much better when it is warmed up, and this will improve your ability to express yourself clearly and persuasively. Let’s take a look at some basic exercises just to get you going, okay? You can do these in a car and not be distracted while driving. They’re just very simple exercises and just a handful that we’re gonna start with. First of all, we start with breathing and dog pant exercise. Those of you who do yoga will recognize it. Breathing on dog pant That exercises the diaphragm and builds up the strength of the diaphragm that you use when taking a catch breath every time you speak. Next is dark pant voiced]. That gives you the inhalation, exhalation and the attack of sound. We just aren’t using consonance. Okay now we’re gonna take that inhalation and use it to say, mi, mi. It’s to be said like it’s m-h-e, mi. And you’re gonna run the air through the nose and across the hard pallet. Mi, mi, mi and now well do the five vowels, mi, me, ma, mo, mu. One more time, mi, me, ma, mo, mu. Now notice, I’m not squeezing, mi, me, ma. That’s what makes the voice sore and makes them poop out by the end of each day.