What if they laugh at me| first speaking blunder

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

What if they laugh at me| first speaking blunder

This video may help you in meetings, delivering a presentation, running a workshop, delivering a seminar and of course speaking in front of any group size.
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For all my leaders and entrepreneurs out there, if you feel a tremendous amount of stress when you’re about to speak to people in public than you need this.

I had just finished my first public speaking presentation in a new job, as I came out of the room two boys, in the corner, looked at me, as though captivated by my speech. I had succeeded in getting the audience on my side. Nope, it was much worse. As I walked out of the room my colleague tapped me on the shoulder
and said; ¨Mathy,……………. you´ll have to watch the rest I´m afraid

Who is Mathy?

Mathy is a lifestyle motivator. Tedx speaker and Author of “Quit or embrace your job crisis”. She helps Millennials and creative minds embrace who they truly are.
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