बोल बचन । बोल चाल की कला । Communication Skills Training Video in Hindi

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Bol Bachan is a result of my experience of more than 3 decades as a Personality Development Trainer and Life Coach. This training video will help you communicate more effectively with your friends, children, customers, colleagues, parents and others.

When you talk to some one, your intensions are always to get the response which you desire, may be YES or NO. If you ask some one to ga to date with you, you need yes response. If you apear in an interview, you want yes response. If you want to sell anything, you want the other person to say YES only. But it normally does not happen.

This motivational video for success deals with the reasons and solutions for effective communication. You learnt the computer in a day, the programming in 2 – 3 days, even the software engineers can become in 2 to 3 years, yet you could not master the art of effective communication.

I have found a number of reasons for not getting the response of your desire. The communication contain not words only, but feelings, sympathy, empathy, opinion, thoughts, jealousy etc. and they are reflected in your talks.

second, the fast life of people. Where is the time? Tell me fast. Hey God, give me patience but quickly and now.

third reason is people are connected with whole world with that magic, called Cell phone and every one is trying to convey his or her point. Fourth reason is the advertisement messages from TV radio hoardings face book and even my video contains ads.

Fifth reason is the message which was of certain importance to you was not at all important for others. You are asking for friendship and other person is worried of his or her credit card bills etc. which are having last date today. and the sixth reason might be and must be, people are not good listeners.

so primary advise is go to level of others, try to understand their feelings, concerns, needs and interests. Also try to gauge the mood at the time of conversation. Listen him first before you want to be listened.

This motivational video for success also explains the postures, sitting and standing, voice pitch, voice modulation, pause, emphasis etc. in successful communication.

This Motivational video for success is being dedicated to you all with a clear intention of helping you succeed in your personal and work life.

T S Madaan
Motivational Speaker & Life Coach