#1Top Tip for Improving Your Public Speaking Skills

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.


Winston Churchill was one of, if not the greatest public speakers ever recorded. It is said that for every minute he spoke in public, he spent at least half an hour in preparation.

Are you willing to spend that amount of time to deliver great talks, whether to an audience of 1 or 2 as you make a sales presentation or to 500 or more at a conference?

Most people won’t and therefore don’t.

The word Audacious encapsulates the follow ideas. Bold, innovative, inventive and unconstrained by previous ideas.
These tips are to encourage you to be Audacious in everything you do in life and in business and to become better than you already are.


I am the author of ‘Audacious Leadership’, a business and leadership trainer and coach. My motto in life and in business is ‘Live life on purpose with intention and make every day count’.

Purpose, Intent, Results.
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