2017 Spring Camp!!!

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Magic Education Public Speaking Spring Camp!

No matter what our kids grow up to become, public speaking is a skill they need. It is the number one fear in our society, but it doesn’t need to be for your camper. Our kids should be proud to share their ideas and be confident in their ability to communicate.

The Individual

Each camper will join us with a different level of comfort and ability. No one can become a master in a week, but each camper can grow in their speaking ability.


We focus on simple delivery skills that, with practice, produce great results. Practice is the key. Our campers start speaking early and often throughout their week with us. We reinforce the areas we are working on each day to gradually add more and more to our speaking tool kit.

Keeping it Fun

With a supportive camp community, crazy and creative topics, exciting challenges and zany games we make everyday a positive experience.