6 Hard truths -Is Life Easy OR Hard? Personal Development & Motivational Videos by Skillopedia

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6 Hard truths -Is Life Easy OR Hard? Personal Development, Motivational, Inspirational Videos by Skillopedia

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Life is many things, life is beautiful and miraculous and it’s also wonderful. But there is one thing about life, life isn’t easy. Who said life is easy? I don’t even know where this comes from. The moment we have our first fall while trying to stand on our own feet as a baby, we understand what pain is and if you are put in a hostel at age 7, then separation comes to you as an early lesson. So who said life is easy? Well life is easy, is a false statement. It’s not at all true. The correct statement should be life is everything but easy, which means life is everything other than being easy. So time for a reality check.

In this personal Development video on Skillopedia with Michelle learn some hard truths about life and then take on these truths like a bitter pill.

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