7 Tips On How To Improve Communication Skills

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Effective Communication Skills Tips are essential for confidently speaking, interacting and also understanding the feelings and reading body language.

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We listen, interpret and respond differently. It depends on a lot of factors. In order to be an effective communicator, It is extremely important to understand the parameters of communication.

Most people believe speaking is communication. Research has proved that more than speaking how we listen to impacts what we communicate.

Anthony Robins has said
The quality of your communication is the quality of your life.
Misunderstandings, delay in passing of messages, disagreements, conflicts and even anger frustration and resentment are caused due to ineffective communication
The question remains, what is effective communication?
And how does one develop it?

First of all, develop the quality of listening.
Communicating is not about talking but to a great extent it involves listening to other people and acknowledging their concerns.
Say a piece and allow the other person to speak and explain themselves.
Listen attentively by not interrupting by keeping
all the perceptions aside
Maintaining eye contact, observing the body language.
A breakdown in communication can occur if you fail to listen effectively to other people.

Ask questions
While communicating there are chances that you don’t fully understand something.
This leads to assumptions unclear directions and misunderstanding.
So to avoid or limit misunderstandings ask questions.
Ask the other person to clarify and repeat, what is expected of you.
If you are giving directions or communicating with the other person
Then as if she or he has any questions.

Next, interpret body language
We not only communicate through words but also no verbally that is through body language.
For example
If you are communicating with your colleagues or employees you can observe their facial expressions postures and openness towards your message.
From this, you can analyze whether they are listening and actually understanding your message.
Also, observe your own body language
Watch out for negative body language.
For example,
A crossing of arms, slouching, not maintaining eye contact and yawning.

Maintain eye contact

How would you feel when you are communicating a message while the other person does not make eye contact with you.
It makes you feel that your message is not responded well and it seems the other person is not interested.
Similarly, when you do not make eye contact with others it gives them the same message.
However, if you maintain eye contact while speaking with other people it makes the other person feel a bit appreciated and connected
So I am sure that henceforth you will maintain eye contact during one to one and one too many interactions

Be open

Be open to sharing your ideas and emotions
Effective communication and resolving problems involves an honest exchange of words.
At times we tend to withhold important information and emotions
Because we feel that it is not appropriate to share your feelings with the other person
As it might hurt their feelings or it is not the right time
But to completely resolve the issues one has to be open and honest in expressing themselves

Respect’s other persons’ opinion

When somebody expresse his or her opinion we should understand that
1. it is just an opinion
2. there is no right or wrong opinion
it would be wrong on our part that we disagree or dislike an opinion an abruptly comment on it.
So for effective communication, it is important that we respect other personal opinions.


When you are talking to the other person with a gesture of smile
It makes the other person feel that you are listening attentively
It also shows that you engage with what he or she is saying
It gives a feeling of refreshment.
I am sure that from now you will be smilingly communicating.

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