9 Killer Tips to Become a Speaker Like Obama

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

This video explains the oratory style of Obama and tells you how you too can become a good public speaker with your own style.

Public speaking is a great art and it can be learnt by anybody to near perfection. In modern world the best example can be Barack Obama, president of the USA. He wins half of his political battles with his powerful speech delivery. If we have to explain his speaking skills in one sentence we can say: ‘he grabs his audience by the caller and conveys his message in simple words. ‘

And we can definitely learn a lot from master speakers like him. After listening to his innumerable speeches i have learnt many things that can be useful for any person who is aspiring to become a good public speaker. Here are nine gems from him:-

1. He talks about the problems of his audience

Whenever Obama speaks he talks about the problems of the audience. He shares their worries and their expectations. Thus the people listen to him attentively. This attitude magnetizes his personality. After his speech people start believing that he is the politician who can bring real change in their life.

2. He has sense of humour

He speech is never boring because he tries to punctuate it with a sense of humour. And it is the psychology of people that they give priority to entertainment value of anything.

3. His gestures are cool

Gestures play an important part in effective communication. Observe the gestures of Obama whenever he speaks. His gestures are cool. His style of shaking hands, way of standing, and moving his arms is quite natural, nothing seems forced. And people love natural action even if you are somewhat awkward.

4. His voice is controlled

Like his gestures voice of Obama is also controlled. He always seems assured of himself. He speaks in a friendly way, devoid of arrogance or aggressiveness. He is always polite and relaxed.

5. He has something new to offer

People love to have something new. Uttering the same boring things which they watch in the media may have a boring effect on them. Obame tries to think differently and offer them a new solution, or the old solution in a new way.

6. He looks one of us

Personality of Obama is not imposing. He just mixes up with the crowd and looks one of us. People find it easy to create a rapport with him.

7. His language is simple

Obama always uses simple words and small sentences in his speeches. People don’t have to put pressure on their brains to understand him. He tunes up his complex political ideas into easy-to-understand simple presentations.

8. He doesn’t deliver a speech, he talks to you

Most big politicians deliver speeches but Obama talks. He is brilliant in creating a rapport with his audience. He makes them nod their heads in agreement to his views. That is the biggest difference between Obama and other speakers.

9. He learnt from other good speakers

It is a known fact that Obama studied the speeches of many great American speakers like John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King to get the art of effective speaking. And he has nearly perfected it.

Dear friends, these are the traits of Obama (as a speaker) which compel the people flock to him, listen to him and revere him. No doubt, he became the most popular politician of the USA, widely-praised in the whole world.

And if you too really want to become a very good speaker read about Obama, listen to his speeches carefully. But don’t copy his style, develop your own.

“Grab your audience by the caller and convey your message in simple words.” – Anandrahi