9 Vital Business Skills You Need To Run A Successful Moving Company

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You need these vital business skills if you wish to run a successful moving business. THere’s no getting around it or avoiding. Without these business skills, you just won’t be successful as an entrepreneur.

So what are these skills?

Awesome question. I have listed them below:

1. Communication. If you don’t know how to communicate effectively you will never be successful. And there is a simple duplicable formula that can be mastered.

2. Sales and Customer Service skills. Once you’ve learned to communicate now you can learn how to sell your moving company. And believe it or not, customer service skills are an integral part of sales. That’s why I put this together.

3. Financial management. You have to know how to balance and record the money coming in and going out. Luckily there is Quickbooks. This software makes it easy with a little training.

4. Marketing and advertising. While these two skills are actually separate they are so closely linked that you should learn them together. Marketing is distributing your advertising and other messages.

5. Networking and public speaking. You need to learn how to speak in front of others. You as the business owner is the face of the business and you will have a need to talk in front of others clearly and effectively. You’ll need to develop business skills so that you can conquer your fear.

6. Leadership. Some come by this instinctively and others do not. I fall in the latter rather than the former. One of the biggest skills you need is knowing how to lead your staff and crew.

7. Problem solving. You are going to run into the problem and having the knowledge to overcome these skills are important business skills to know. Also the ability to teach your crew into being able to do the same.

8. Project management. This skill is a simple skill but for many us, we don’t practice it well. Being able to schedule effectively our crews and moving jobs is part of project management. And I know there are many of you that are just winging this vital job.

9. Internet, social media, and SEO. You have to know how to do things and use the internet. More and more we are moving to a digital world, and if you fail to learn this vital skill you are going to be left behind.

These are the business basics and skills you need to run a successful moving company. Where are you needing to improve?

Ultimately you also have to be teachable able and build the habit of continuing to educate yourself. By watching this video you have made a great step in furthering your education but you have to constantly and consistently be doing this.

Learn these and partake in these business skills training. Because business skills development is NOT optional if you wish to be a success.

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