Accent Reduction training – How to correctly pronounce the past tense

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Are you ready to master proper pronunciation of words in the past tense? My goal in this video is to help you build your confidence while speaking Standard American English. My goal at Corporate speech solutions is to provide you with the skills to communicate with greater clarity, confidence and credibility.
Our video clips will provide tips and techniques on public speaking, accent reduction and business communication.

You may not realize it but research has proven that “how we say something matters twice as much as what we are actually saying!” These video clips contain tips and techniques designed to impact your speech delivery. Our training videos include tips on accent reduction training, nonverbal communication, public speaking and presentation skills, clear pronunciation and enunciation and effective eye contact.
This video is a snapshot view of Jayne Latz presenting “Accent Reduction Made Easy” at Science and Business Library in New York City. To learn even more visit