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Welcome to, where people learn to speak without fear. We know there are millions of people in the world who suffer from a fear of public speaking. Indeed, speaking in social groups is even a problem for this group of individuals. They feel it affects their work, their career, their education. It affects their social life. It affects their love lives. Perhaps, most importantly of all, it affects their overall sense of self-confidence and well-being.

Now that makes me sad. It makes me sad because, when I think of all those people and all of those fears, I think about all the conversations in the world that are poorer because these people are not participating. There are decisions that are made without people’s input. There are friendships that are not as rich because certain words are not said at the right time or in the social situations that people interact in. That makes me sad. If you multiply that by millions of times, because there are millions of people, then the world is enormously poorer because people don’t participate and interact. This fear of public speaking has a significant effect on the world, and I want to solve that. It makes me sad, and I’m going to do something about it.

If you are one of these people that suffers from a fear of speaking in public, I’ve got great news for you. My name is Dan Howden. I’m a public speaking expert, and I’m going to help you solve, remove, that fear of public speaking for free. I want to remove your fear of speaking in social groups so that you can achieve your potential.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine died. He was only 43. That’s very, very sad, of course. He lived perhaps half his lifetime, or his expected lifetime, and his death made me realize that now is the time to do the things you want or need to do.

I have a passion for public speaking, and I wanted to give something to the world. I know I’m enormously fortunate. I feel so lucky in my life. I have a lovely family. I enjoy what I do for a living. I just can’t find anything really to complain about at all. I know I’m very lucky and I recognize that. I want to give something back to the world for free.

I look at what I can do, and who needs that help, and I see millions of people that could probably benefit from my help, and so I’m going to do that. I’m going to give it for free.

Well, of course, I have my own expertise. I’m a competent toastmaster. I have won European standard championships of public speaking, and I’ve been helping people to overcome their fear of public speaking for 11 years. You get my input. Of course, you get my input for free, but there’s more. I also have a team of scientists, actors, other public speaking authorities. I will assimilate and bring together all of their content and tips to help people to make that step, to really go from being fearful about public speaking to being able to speak in public.

We will produce content that is relevant to taking those first steps. That’s the ABC, of course, in ABC Speaking Skills, the foundation of what we do. My team will produce the content, I will bring it together, and I will put it in one place. So all of those experts’ opinions are gathered together for you to use.

We want to get everybody up to that basic level of public speaking and confident public speaking. We want people to feel, at least, comfortable. Maybe, not a superstar, but comfortable. Please, if you like what you hear in this project, socialize it on Facebook. Socialize it on Twitter. Give me feedback, and I promise I will listen. Together, with my team and with me, you will help to have an enormously positive effect on the world. You will help yourself, you will help others, and together we’ll have made that big difference.


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