Benefits of Public Speaking

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Practicing public speaking can not only help you overcome your fears and weaknesses, but it can also bring a wealth of advantages, both personally and professionally. Many people invest their time and effort into improving their skills to sell themselves better and advance their careers.

Public Speaking Improves Career Advancement

A study conducted by North Carolina Cooperative Extension found that public speaking builds confidence. According to the research, it didn’t matter if the subjects were knowledgeable in the topic presented to them. The simple act of working with a group and setting and meeting a goal was enough to increase their confidence.

Another benefit of practicing public speaking is that it improves your communication skills. Both personal and professional interactions require you to communicate ideas to other people. Public speaking can teach you how to organize your thoughts and present them in a coherent manner and refute an opposing argument

Sharpening your communicational skills can also help you gain more visibility in the workplace. Your manager will be more likely to select you over your coworker to give a presentation to an important client because they know you can make the company look good. Your increased visibility can certainly lead to more opportunities, be it within your organization or somewhere else.

An employee who has confidence and knows how to communicate effectively is, without a doubt, an asset to any company. More than that, the ability to express your ideas in an eloquent manner and overcome any communicational problems that usually occur in the workplace can help you advance your career.

Public Speaking Helps With Business Networking

Let’s face it: while you can’t deny that networking is a great way to advance your career, it’s not always at the top of our priority list. It can be awkward, tedious and, at times, terrifying. To connect with others and build relationships you must convince them of your skills. And, that relies heavily on your ability to deliver clear, comprehensive, convincing and even entertaining speeches.

That’s where being a good public speaker comes to help.

One of the things you’ll learn after delivering many speeches is that you need an ice breaker. Your audience doesn’t know you, so you need something to grab their attention and make them curious about what you’ll say.

The same goes during a networking event.

It can be difficult to walk up to a stranger and start a conversation, no matter how confident you are. So, have a line ready to generate discussion. Something as simple as asking them what brings them to the event can help you initiate conversation. Then, after you have built on your first mutual interest, you can move the discussion forward.

Public Speaking Helps With Self Promotion

Most people are familiar with selling on business-level, but it’s becoming just as essential at a personal level as well. You might think that you don’t have too much in common with a big company, but you do. You might have different agendas, but your goals are the same – to succeed.

Just like a company sells its products, you sell your skills to further your personal and professional life.

You might not be aware of it, but there are many ways public speaking can help you sell yourself. If you are looking for a new and better job, for instance, you want the recruiters at your ideal company to perceive you as a valuable asset. But, to do that, you need to convince them first that you are the right person for the job.

Public speaking can teach you how to present yourself in a compelling manner. Think about it this way: when you go on stage to deliver a speech, you know who you are, who your audience is, and what you want to achieve. The same rules apply during an interview.

Another thing you learn from speaking in front of people is that the best way to engage an audience and be remembered is to tell a story. According to Dale Carnegie, a human mind is an associate machine, meaning that we remember things better when there is an association or story attached to the subject. So, to sell yourself to a potential client or employer, you must make it easy for them to remember you.

However, learning how to sell yourself doesn’t happen overnight. You can’t invest an hour or two now and expect impressive results. It is a continuous process that takes a lot of attention and patience. But, in the long run, taking the time to manage the way people perceive you as a professional can help you achieve career success and personal satisfaction.






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