Beta Talks Public Speaking Masterclass Program

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Our Public Speaking Masterclass Program offers:
Tools and holistically supports individuals to develop message content, polish delivery skills, and create audience engagement.

The sessions are a platform for speakers of all skill levels to test their presentations in front of a live audience, and receive high quality feedback.

Who is SoapBox Speakers for?
People who are ready and willing to take action on their dreams of being a speaker, a well known authority in their field.

Those ready to form connections with potential customers, and strategic partners by propelling their brand through public speaking.

To date more than 150 people have been involved with SoapBox Speakers. Three of whom have also spoken on TEDx stages.

SoapBox Speakers has also grown into an incubator for individuals to realize and develop their public speaking abilities, goals, and dreams.