Biggest Challenge in English 1102: Maria Padilla Fuentes

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.


Oral Challenge

Hello Dr. Griffin,
Its Maria Padilla Fuentes and I believe my biggest challenge facing your class will be my fear of public speaking. Even though I have presented before in high school, my nervousness and uncomfortableness was always evident throughout the presentation. My fear of public speaking is a challenge that needs to be overcome, because to excel in this class being a professional public speaker is required. A big majority of this classes grade comes from oral presentation such as the Pecha-Kucha Presentation, which composes 20% of the classes grade. I don’t know what is expected of me in oral presentations, such as the degree of formality and more importantly how to calm my nerves in the presentation. Communicating in an oral form will be tough, but I think with all the practice required for the upcoming Pecha-Kucha Presentation, I will overcome my fear of public speaking and perfect oral communication. I will take advantage of all the entities available at Tech for students such as in the practice rooms where I can practice my Pecha-Kucha Presentation until I feel comfortable presenting the information and will attend public speaking workshops to ensure that I get hints and advice to improve my presentation skills. Overall this class will help me improve my public speaking skills- an important life skill that will be used beyond the Pecha-Kucha Presentation and will be used beyond this class.