Body Language Tips for Presentations

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Let’s look at some body language tips for presentations and public speaking. Non verbal communication and body language play a big role in how you come across and should be a key part of your presentation skills repertoire.

Body Language Tips:

1. Make eye contact and smile. Be sure your eye contact is very direct. Also, smile while you connect to keep your eye contact warm.

2. Post and gestured. Be sure to not do anything like shuffle your feet, sway, etc. Just stand comfortably with your feet about shoulder width apart. Be sure to gesture from a position called a loose steeple. Keep your hands loosely clasped at about your waist and gesture naturally from there.

3. Pause and nod after key ideas. This will add emphasis and get people nodding along with you. Nodding during pauses is contagious. Try it.

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