British English Speaking Academy

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

School & College ( Std. 5th to Graduation)
Writing, Reading, Speaking With Basic Grammar to Advance Grammar

Writing Course : – ( 3 Months)
1000 Thousand Indian Spelling / 1000 Thousand British Spelling Practice
Introduction to INDIAN & BRITISH Vowels & Consonants Alphabet Pronunciation, How to Write Correct Spelling, Words Pattern, Punctuation, Silent Words Rules, Spelling Rules, Diction, Dictation, Comprehension, Resume, Form Format, Letter Writing, Essay, Email
Reading Course: – (3 Months)
INDIAN & BRITISH Alphabet Reading, Pronunciations, Tone, Intonations, Pause, Pitch, Voice & Accent Training, Story Books, News Papers English Poem, Songs, & Speech
Reading, Dialogue, Role- Play

Speaking Course : (6 Months)
Basic & Advance Grammar, Basic & Powerful Vocabulary Self-Introduction, Part Of peech, Normal English Vs Smart English, Sentence Structure, Formula, Active Voice & Passive
Voice, Each Student Grammar Practice, Spoken & Public Speaking Skills, Thinking in English, Mirror Practice, Group Discussions, Eye Contact, Dress Code, Communication Skills, Body Language, Manners, Attitude, Killing Nervousness, Fear & shy, Hesitation
Developing Confidence. Interview Questions & Answers, Call Canter Training, Each Student Practice of Making Sentence in Group, Daily Written & Orel Practice, Test & Exam, Suitable Time, How to Use Dictionary Words, Words Pattern, Idioms, Phrases

Course Material: – Free British English Pronunciation Video, Audio, Mp3 Dictionary Twenty Thousand Words. Audio, Video Training, Test Papers etc.
Extremely Useful Grammar Books With 3 Languages, English, Hindi, Marathi And Importance Words & Verb Meaning With British English Pronunciation in Hindi to Read Correct it in One Book. It Will Help You More Easily.
100 Bollywood/ Hollywood Movies with English Subtitle For More Practice
100 Videos English Stories with Subtitles for Daily Practice.
(Free Yoga, Dance, Aerobic Classes on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at 7am To 8am) & (Free Extra English Speaking oral Practise at 8am to 9am in Sheela Raheja Garden For 3 Months)

Each Student Video Shooting With His/hers Body Language Dress Code And Eye Contact Free Memory Course, How to Improve Memory & Personality Development Course. Well-Qualified, 18 Years Experienced Professional Teacher.
Special Batch:- Saturday, Sunday Morning or Evening for 2 Hours.