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Do you know how to make a good presentation or speech? Do you often experience stage fright when making a speech? Even the best speakers have encountered stumbling blocks along the way.

The key is to build a solid foundation with study and practice. This DVD will help you to build that foundation. It includes 5 Classic films made in the 1940s which teach you how to improve the most important areas of speechmaking.

Here’s what you get: Video 1: Stage Fright and What to Do About It: Gives you concrete tips on how in eliminate stage fright and nervousness. 10 minutes

Video 2: Platform Posture and Appearance: Shows you how to project confidence and poise when you speak. 9 minutes

Video 3: The Function of Gestures: Show how to use gestures to get you message across more effectively. 10 minutes

Video 4: Build Your Vocabulary: If you’ve ever been at a loss for words, this video will give you invaluable tips for improving you vocabulary. 10 minutes

Bonus Video: Speeding Speech: This entertaining video talks about how communication and technology had developed during the 1940s with the advent of the telephone. Focuses on automation in the telephone industry. 10 minutes

Bonus Ebook 1: The Art of Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie(Carnagey) and Esenwein. This 272 page book/training course will supercharge your speaking and presentation skills! Co-Authored by Dale Carnegie author of How to Win Friends and Influence People and Dale Carnagie Training.

Bonus Ebook 2: How to Be a Public Speaking Superstar: Dazzle and Influence Your Audience with your public speaking prowess! Teaches you how to prepare, develop and present you speech.

Please note: The ebooks are included as a pdf files on the DVD. Just insert the dvd in you computer to open and print the books.

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