Competitive College Club Conference 2015

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

The 5th annual Competitive College Club Summer Retreat brought together over 100 students of the Gambia’s brightest students in a 9 days residential summer retreat at a prestigious hotel. The retreat taught students in public schools from all five regions in the Gambia about the complete College application cycle, Essay writing, public speaking and communication skills, American culture and values like responsibility, time management, teamwork, leadership, volunteering, and public speaking skills. They were also involved in two community service projects, a car wash to raise funds for diabetes prevention and a used clothes and toys collection for a mental hospital. The presence of the Peace Corp volunteers helped share those American values that are needed by all students. Students were exposed to Gambian mentors; these were Gambians who have been to the USA and returned to help contribute to the Gambia economy.