Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Winston Scholsberg, your Public Speaking Architect

When you want to build a house, a big house, a small house or a cottage somewhere you want to build it in a safe way. That is why you need an architect and a contractor. They make sure that you build a good foundation for you to live in a safe house for a long time.
The Public Speaking Architect will do exactly the same regarding your Public Speaking, or for you to prepare for a job interview or an assessment of a positive evaluation with one of your employees. You need a foundation to be able to that correctly.

To speak in front of big audience you can use the WES Method techniques. This method has been developed from a large experience of more than 6000 performances by the Public Speaking Architect. A master storyteller, entertainer, musician and dancer. Winston knows all about stage performance and group dynamics and he will share his knowledge with you when you use the WES Method. Your foundation will be wider and more solid so you will be able to build higher levels and become excellent at public speaking and you will also have more influence on your audience and determine the outcome of your presentation.

As a sales professional you will sell more with the WES Method. When applying for a job you know what to say and when to say it. When you are in an assessment so you will secure the new position. We have plenty of examples of successful people who have been trained by the Public Speaking Architect and they used the WES Method to be successful. You can use the Public Speaking Architect in many settings to build your foundation and higher levels to make you stand out and be better than the rest because you will improve you communication IQ! Build you financial, materialistic and spiritual success sky high with the Public Speaking Architect.

Scientific research tells us that people who set concrete goals for themselves and act on those goals are often happier and more successful compared to those that don’t. Yet a lot of people spend very little time on formulating their goals. It seems to be a waste of time. Why not just start right away? Because if you travel without knowing where you’re going you will find yourself on a very long road. Maybe you want to finish your study, start your own company, drive a nice car or lose weight? That all starts with formulating a concrete goal.

‘Everyone has a story to tell… but not everyone knows how to tell their story.”

The WES Method takes a unique approach to teaching public speaking skills. Our students are taught to excel in every situation despite an ever-changing speaking environment. The tools we offer provide our students with the three most important qualities a speaker must possess in order to be successful and effective. We teach you how to tell your story with effect, results and confidence.