Elevator Pitch Lars Ros

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

When Lars Ros was 11 years old, he started his training and coaching career as a sailing instructor and in the past 35 years he trained and coached thousands of people. He is still a sailor in his heart and therefor uses sailing as a metaphor in his coaching and training.
As an experienced and business-oriented communications professional, Lars started working within the field of education and continued by growing businesses in a variety of industries, most of them were build on innovative technology to enrich the world. Lars his international experience has given him a detailed insight into all aspects of the communications and consultancy function from a broad perspective.
His bachelors’ degree in Business Engineering (1994) is complemented with Management seminars, Programs for Sales Leadership, Body language seminars, NLP, Personal Branding, Cloud Computing skills, Public Speaking Masterclasses and he is a certified Yoga and Meditation trainer. In 2015 he became a licensee for the E.A.S.E. Professional Speakers System and joined as trainer and coach Presentation Master.
Being a sailor Lars created his own introduction session / assessment for his new clients: S.C.O.P.E.
After this session you have clarity about:
S elfknowledge
C hoices
O pportunities
P urpose
E ngagement
Lars works only with a selective and limited group of people, who are fully committed and ready to step up for their ripple effect in life.
Is that you…?
Keynotes: Personal Leadership & New Technology | Public Speaking | Body Language