Ep. 094: How to Take Control of Your Job Search, with Katrina Collier

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Do you search online and wait for your dream job to appear? It can be a tedious and unfulfilling task, since up to 80% of available jobs go unadvertised. Most positions today are filled by way of referral. So, get proactive and take control of your job search.

Guest expert Katrina Collier encourages people to perform targeted searches and take a direct approach, by making the most of LinkedIn and corporate websites. She says most companies love being approached directly by people who tell them why their skills are a good fit for the organization.

Companies benefit from your direct approach by saving recruiter fees and seeing your proactive interest.

5 Steps to Take Control of a Job Search:

1. Create a LinkedIn profile that includes your skills and recommendations from your peers.

2. Proactively search for companies in your area that may have a role that fits your specialty.

3. Look beyond recruiters and include department heads or hiring managers.

4. Thoroughly research the company before you reach out to them. Call instead of email, follow up, and make the conversation about the company, not about you.

5. Good old-fashioned networking may be what it takes for you to find your next job, and don’t forget networking includes social networking. Reach out to recruiters on Twitter and start a “get to know you” conversation.

This Week’s Guest: Katrina Collier

Katrina Collier is a global expert on social recruiting. She teaches people and corporations around the world how to use social media to recruit staff.

Katrina is also a keynote speaker and the host of The Social Recruiting Show. You can find out more about Katrina by searching for The Searchologist. Follow her on Twitter @KatrinaMCollier.

Katrina will be exercising her public speaking skills in the U.S. and London, training recruiters about candidate engagement.

Ben’s Job Search Resource: LinkedIn for Veterans

Ben’s resource this week is the LinkedIn for Good Veterans Program and families of veterans. Recent veterans are not always able to do the networking necessary to transition to their next position. LinkedIn for Veterans provides video courses and tools to help veterans translate their military experience into business skills, and includes access to a veterans’ mentor network.

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Becky, Ben, Jessica, and Mac offer advice to Jason Nieh from Portland. Jason asks:

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For a deep dive into the topic, listen to our podcast with Don Raskin, Interview Secrets Every New Graduate Needs to Know. Don is the author of the invaluable resource, The Dirty Little Secrets to Getting Your Dream Job. The Finance Career Launch Podcast from David Mariano is another great resource.

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