Excellence Gurukul @ Delhi in Sep 17 by Dr Ujjwal Patni | Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship Development Program – Excellence Gurukul by International Trainer and Business Coach Dr Ujjwal Patni fresh batch starts @ Delhi on Sunday, 17th September 2017.

Dr Ujjwal Patni brings to you the mega annual training program Excellence Gurukul. This unique and scientifically designed program concentrates on Personal and Business Success in a very structured way. Top entrepreneurs, business owners, retail store owners, professionals and mid level management executives from all corners of India have transformed their thought process and way of doing business after joining Dr Ujjwal Patni’s Excellence Gurukul.

About Dr Ujjwal Patni: The Only Motivational Speaker of India who has led 3 Guinness World Records. Dr Ujjwal Patni has been listed in “Top 10 Indian Thinkers” by MTC Global.

7 Books | 12 Languages | 28 Counties | 2000+ Seminars | 150+ Cities | 1 Million+ Readers and audiences and 15+ Prestigious awards

Who should attend: Business owners, entrepreneurs, mid level management executives, professionals and individuals who dream big. (Seats shall not exceed 35 in any case)

Topics – Personal excellence, Business excellence and Public excellence

Highlights – Nine exclusive full day training sessions with Dr Ujjwal Patni and other trainers spread in one year, Free bestselling books, Worksheets in simple Hindi and English, extraordinary use of audio’s and video’s, group discussions, heated debates and lot more.

Special features make this annual program the most effective and result oriented program in India
1. The personal mentoring session with Dr Patni.
2. Implementer session
3. Growth Analyst – Visits of a trainer and growth analyst helps you in implementation.
4. UV Groups – Small networking groups for continuous learning.
5. A 2 Days residential session in a hotel/resort on public speaking and owners body language included.

Date and Location – Fresh Batch Starts on Sunday, 17th September 2017 @ Delhi

Excellence Gurukul promo and testimonial Videos are available on Youtube Channel “Ujjwal Patni”

For Registration, whats app videos, and other details – Call 92293-86002, 70241-34200

How to attend training programs:

1) To invite Dr. Ujjwal Patni in your city for a Training Program / Workshop / Seminar / Keynote speech, send us a mail at training@ujjwalpatni.com or Call @ 92293-86002. You can also log in to www.ujjwalpatni.com

2) To participate in Famous signature programs: – Excellence Gurukul – One year program on personal and business excellence, Profit Gurukul – One year program on sales and profits, VIP – A program on Success Habits and other short duration programs. Send us a mail at training@ujjwalpatni.com or Call @ 92291-92293-860002, 70241-34200.

3) To enter into an annual tie-up with Dr. Ujjwal Patni for mentoring, training, growth and consultancy of your company or enterprise on a long term basis, send us a mail at program@ujjwalpatni.com or Call @ 70241-33311

How to connect with Dr. Ujjwal Patni:

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Topics Covered in training programs : Entrepreneurship coaching, Public speaking coaching, Business coaching, Business Body language coaching, How to grow your business, How to do sales, How to make more profit, How to do planning for business, How to implement plans in business, How to set goals and strategies in business, How to upgrade your staff, How to empower the second line in business, How to develop leadership qualities in staff, How to develop necessary skills in staff, How to get success in life, How to deal with stress in personal and professional life, How to develop culture and best habits in staff, How to do promotion to enhance profits, How to upgrade your business practices, How to develop entrepreneurship skills, How to run business in absence of the owner, How to satisfy your customers, How to build strong relationship with your customers and channel partners, How to do parenting in this modern era, How to make a super kid, How to start contribution to social success and many more.

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