Fear or Phobia of Public Speaking

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Fear or Phobia of Public Speaking

There is a chance that you might often wonder what is your real issue regarding Public Speaking. In order to work on Improving your Public Speaking skills, you need to identify whether we have Fear of Phobia of Public speaking.

Fear is an inbuilt emotion that helps us to protect us. Phobia is the extreme fear of Public Speaking. This video gives your ideas to help you find whether you have fear or Phobia.

The video is part of a course in Udemy. You can check out the course ‘Crucial Public Speaking Skills’. (here’s the special discount https://www.udemy.com/speak-as-smooth-as-silk/?couponCode=YOUTUBE10)

The video also explains the steps that one must take in order to work on overcoming Phobia. It explains the questions that one might ask themselves which will intensify the fear of presenting or public speaking. The following are some links where you’ll get more information:


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