FTCC COM 231 Speech 1 Self Introduction

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.


Speaking is always easier if you know the subject on which you are speaking and who knows you better than you? This will be the first step in developing public speaking skills and give your classmates a chance to get to know you.

The Assignment

In class you will present your self-introduction speech within a 2 to 4 minute time span. In the previous assignment you created a rough outline containing the main components of your speech. Use the written speech to learn your speech, not memorize, and use the outline as a guideline to create your speaking notes.

Then, present your self-introduction speech. When you present your speech, you do not want to read your speech or your outline, but speak to the audience in an extemporaneous or conversational style. Your note cards should contain key words or phrases to guide you through your delivery.

Be sure to speak clearly, use appropriate facial expressions, and stand up straight, relaxed, and confident. You want to establish good eye contact and be sure not to look down at your notes too often. Speak at an appropriate rate with good volume. Be sure to practice, practice, and practice so you appear well organized, completely prepared, and you stay on topic.