Hello काअर्थ नमस्ते नहीं होता Congrats, Sorry, Pardon etc – कैसे use करें – Basic English Speaking

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Hello काअर्थ नमस्ते नहीं होता Congrats, Sorry, Pardon etc – कैसे use करें – Basic English Speaking
Congrats, Thank You, Sorry, Pardon etc – कहाँ, कब और कैसे use करें – Basic English Speaking

In this video, you’ll learn how to use words like Congrats, Thank You, Sorry, Pardon , Excuse me etc while making the sentences in English. We will teach you correct use of words while making sentences and to avoid common errors that many learners of English make.

Since, we are doing all videos in Hindi, it would be great learning experience for viewers. Here, one can learn most frequent topics of English Grammar in Hindi.

This channel include all important topics of English Grammar like Part of Speech, Noun, Pronoun, Adverb, Adjective, Conjunction, Preposition, Verb, Interjection, Types of Sentences, Tenses that include Present Tense (Present Indefinite, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous) , Past Tense (Past Indefinite, Past Continuous, Past Perfect, Past Perfect Continuous), Future Tense (Future Indefinite, Future Continuous, Future Perfect, Future Perfect Continuous).

To make it easy to understand, we try to demonstrate each & every video in most easy way with lots of example and pictures.

Apart that, by referring this playlist, one learns about degrees of comparison, Auxiliary Verbs, Model Verbs, Active Passive Voice, Direct and Indirect Speech etc.

This Channel helps not only in learning the English Grammar Concepts, but also contributes a lot in improving English Speaking skills. One may learn how to structuring the sentences, how to avoid common mistakes while speaking English.

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