HLCC Model United Nations 2017 l The After Movie

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

HLCC Model United Nations (HLCC MUN) is a simulation of the largest international organization, the United Nations, which aims to educate students about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy, and pressing world issues. During the conference, the Delegate (participant) will represent his/her designated country and stand by its foreign policy. HLCC MUN aims at broadening the students’ outlook, undertake responsibility, develop their skills, to learn and share their experiences with other delegates.

The HLCC Model United Nations Society was initiated in 2014. The HLCC MUN Society hopes to inculcate a spirit of debating and public speaking skills among the students. By simulating the United Nations committee sessions, the students of HLCC would be able to both research and present that research in a professional environment as well as deliberate on issues that are a cause for global concern.
The objectives behind setting up the HLCC MUN Society are:
· Create a culture for MUNs by carrying out orientation sessions for students.
· To strengthen student’s ability as potential delegates and encourage a deeper understanding of the nuances of diplomacy and presentation of research in a stimulated setting.
· Organize an inter-collegiate MUN conference with participation from national and international delegates.
· To provide an inter-college platform to students.
· To provide awareness among students about world issues and so
· Organize MOCK MUN’s, during the year at various schools and colleges.
· To spread awareness and understanding of International Politics and Relations among the students.