How To Be Confident: Public Speaking Tips

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I recently received a question from someone who is looking for some honest public speaking tips. My man’s aspiring to become a certified personal trainer, he wants to one day open/run his own gym, and he wants to start sharing his ideas, expertise, and wisdom with his community through youtube. According to him, the issue is that he knows exactly what he wants to say but when he speaks, his phrases don’t sound like the way he intended. In essence, his question is, “How to be confident as a public speaker?”

So I decided to offer him a few public speaking tips that certainly will support him on his journey. But before I briefly list them, I do want to mention that he is not alone. I know there’s A LOT of other people who are looking to become a more confident public speaker, myself included!

I also want to commend him for taking his first step towards achieving his definition of success. He’s completely embraced his own profitable path to self discovery, he’s uploaded his first video, and he’s eager to learn what he must do to improve/hone his public speaking skills. Keep up the hard work buddy! 😀

Public Speaking Tips:
1) Detach your awareness from attaining perfection 2:18 – 2:58
2) Cultivate the mental state you’re seeking to convey before speaking 2:59 – 3:41
3) Breathe deep for relaxation 3:42 – 5:42
4) It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it 5:43 – 6:58
5) Practice consistently 6:59 – 7:59

By implementing at least one of these 5 public speaking tips, you will surely learn how to be confident as a public speaker.

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How to Be Confident: Public Speaking Tips

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