How To Become A World Champion of Public Speaking – #12 Stage Time

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

How To Become A World Champion of Public Speaking – #12 Stage Time

2001, The World Champion of Public Speaking, Darren Lacroix stated this principle beautifully. He said if you want to improve your Public Speaking Skills, you need to ensure you have Stage Time, Stage Time, Stage Time. And this was an advice I absolutely took to heart.

So what is Stage Time?

Stage Time simply put is the amount of time you spend on stage – in front of an audience delivering your speeches, delivering presentations, and being a Public Speaker. Because it wouldn’t make sense being called a Public Speaker if you are not Speaking in front of a Public Audience.

So in this video, I am sharing how I used the Principle of Stage Time to my advantage in becoming a better Public Speaker.

The principles outlined here are simple:
– Stand in front of a crowd every single opportunity you get.
– Make it your obsession to speak before an audience every single time.
– Always take advantage of Public Speaking Opportunities
– And no matter what happens – never say no to speaking in front of an audience of even 2 or more people.

Given that I spent every single day for 2 years speaking in front of people and engaging in Stage Time – I know how amazing is Stage Time for a Public Speaker & for Public Speaking Enthusiasts

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