How To Become An Electrifying Public Speaker [Interview With Patricia Fripp]

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

How often have you given a presentation and wished you were more prepared? Does speaking in front of a group sound like a nightmare scenario?

After today’s Expert Academy interview with public speaker and executive speaking coach, Patricia Fripp you’ll be more than qualified to master your next workplace presentation.

Patricia, a hairstylist turned speaker is the former President of the National Speaker’s Association and is one of the most energetic and enthusiastic people I’ve ever met.

It’s no wonder she’s been named one of the ten most electrifying speakers in history by Conventions Magazine.

If you’ve ever wanted to master public speaking, or maybe just converse more eloquently and impress your bosses, then sit back and enjoy.


======Favorite Quote======

“Don’t assume because you are well educated and smart that you will get the success you want in life. Anyone who’s been in the workforce knows that if you have great ideas but no confidence, or competence to share them, you’ll never get credit for your work.”


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======Interview Breakdown======

1:40… Who is Patricia Fripp?
3:45… The secret of quality conversations
5:15… How did you find your passion for public speaking?
6:45… The ingredients for success in any career
8:30… Why Patricia moved to the US from the UK
10:30… The journey to becoming President of the National Speaker’s Association
13:15… How to make a living as a public speaker
15:00… This one skill keeps you in demand, no matter the economic situaiton
17:25… How Patricia transitioned into executive speech coaching
19:30… The importance of managing up and speaking effectively to your supervisors
21:10… Most important skills to succeed in 2017
23:30… Can your speaking ability trump seniority in the workplace?
24:00… Where to start if you want to become a great speaker… []
26:30… How to make an impactful first impression
29:00… Revamping the weekly meeting to actually engage your colleagues
31:20… The perfect 2 minute introduction
33:00… How to close a presentation… the RIGHT way
36:10… The structure of your presentation is just as important as your subject matter
38:00… How to open a presentation for maximum impact
41:00… Have you ever vs. How often [Which is more impactful?]
42:30… The worst word you can use in a presentation
46:00… Why you need to make your team look good and not steal the credit for yourself
47:30… What’s new with Patricia Fripp? []
48:45… Who is an inspiration to you?
49:00… If you could have a conversation with anyone who would it be?
50:30… Why everyone should see the movie Dunkirk
51:15… Final words of wisdom